About me / Portfolio

Hi! I am Aurimas Račas, a seasoned data professional with an international track record of building analytics teams and using data to make better business decisions. I bring a rare combination of strategy, finance and accounting expertise combined with deep technical skills in business intelligence tools and robust knowledge of data science and machine learning methods.

Below you will find a sample of data projects I executed in the past. If you would like to chat, feel free to drop me an email @ aurimas.racas [at] gmail or connect on LinkedIn. And if you feel like diving right into code, head over to Github.

Data Science

As part of Georgia Tech program, applied NLP topic modelling techniques (LDA) and survival regression methods to help NCR corporation gain insights about potential process efficiency improvements from 15M records of unstructured service ticket text data.

Won the Georgia Tech’s case study competition sponsored by Cox Communications by designing an approach for identifying cable signal anomalies using clustering and wavelet methods. Developed an explainer on wavelet applications in data science available on Streamlit.

Wrote a guide on Gaussian Processes and their applications in spatial analytics and time series forecasting available on my blog.

As part of Georgia Tech coursework, co-developed an interactive tool to analyse the equity of accessibility via public transit in major US cities. Technologies included Docker, PostgreSQL, Python (FastAPI, GIS libraries), H3, and Vue.js.

As part of Georgia Tech coursework, co-wrote a paper analysing r/antiwork community. The project involved collecting over 100GB of data, topic modelling, graph clustering analysis and regressions.

As part of Georgia Tech coursework, analysed the size of homecourt advantage in Lithuanian basketball using Bayesian probabilistic methods.

Decision / Business analytics

Assisted a private equity client in acquiring a B2C SaaS startup, with a focus on deep dives into customer metrics (churn, MRR, CAC, CLTV ).

Assisted a private equity client in determining an appropriate purchase price of a 200-asset real estate portfolio by stress-testing management’s forecast using Monte-Carlo simulations and insights into historical contract pricing and renewal rates.

Assisted a client in identifying potential pricing improvements and historical pricing strategy inconsistencies within a retailer’s product portfolio (c. $200m in revenue) across channels and multiple geographies. Leveraged regression models and interactive dashboards to deliver key insights.

Helped a client gain comfort over chocolate retailer’s expansion plan in Australia using micro-location demographic and spatial analytics insights derived from the Australian census, Google Maps API, combined in an interactive simulation tool.

Helped develop Japanese bank ATM marketing strategy by providing insights derived from high-frequency ATM usage data (service popularity, location clusters, ATM segments based on service usage types).

Co-authored a sales & margin variance analytics methodology and reusable set of Alteryx macros and Power BI templates that supported multi-currency, multi-level margin, and highly configurable analysis.

Automation, RPA and BI

Achieved 30% time savings (1000’s man-hours) in divestment data collection processes of a Fortune 50 company by introducing Alteryx-based data pipelines, automating data quality checks, and building dashboards to be used in management reviews.

Built an overtime tracking solution for EY’s HR department in Japan that eliminated c. 0.5 FTE workload. It included automated ETL pipelines, report generation and emailing features, and interactive dashboards for use in review meetings.

Designed an analytics adoption reporting package (from metric definition and ETL process to dashboards and their reuse principles) that was used by global and regional leadership within EY’s Strategy and Transactions; continuously expanded it with additional metrics by partnering cross-functionally with other teams.

Defined a feature roadmap and coded up a proof of concept in VBA/PowerPivot of an Excel automation solution that addressed existing feature gaps; the product team would have otherwise spent a $1.5m annual budget on a patchwork solution.

Built a custom ETL pipeline and reconciliation engine that ingested Excel-based management forecasts, that allowed accelerating a divestment process of a health diagnostics service provider ($500m in revenue) and meeting its shareholders’ requirements.

Created a credential sharing hub using SharePoint, PowerApps, Power Automate and associated technologies that enabled a workforce of 1,000 people worldwide to more effectively share sales collateral materials.